Salmon and trout fishing

With nearly 100 salmon fishing rivers in Iceland and most of those allowing between 4 and 20 rods to fish per day, there is a lot of fishing to be had in Iceland, but without the feeling of ever being cramped for space.

In common with many other parts of the world, Atlantic Salmon catches have been improving in Iceland in recent years and in 2008 approximately 82,000 were caught on rod and line.

Most of the fishing comes with accommodation included in the price and most of the accommodation is in "full service" or in self catering lodges, and these are both seriously equipped types of accommodation with kitchens, living rooms en-suite bathrooms, saunas etc.

The full service lodges normally include breakfast, lunch and dinner but anglers would be required to bring along their own after fishing beverages - though soft drinks, coffee and tea are included!!

Where to go fishing for Atlantic salmon in Iceland

The northern and eastern rivers are home to large multi-sea winter salmon and fish over twenty pounds are taken every year on most rivers. These salmon rivers are not for the faint hearted and require that anglers be competent and confident waders and be able to wield double handed Spey rods.

The rivers of the west and south west benefit from the Gulf Stream currents and offer substantial runs of salmon, predominantly grilse. These rivers have very large runs of grilse during July and August, with many of the pools being full of bars of silver straight off the tide.