Geese and Ducks Hunting

We just start a new trip to Iceland for hunt: goose hunting is a fantastic experience in Iceland. There are 4 different species of geese in Iceland: greylag goose, pink-footed goose, white-fronted goose, and barnacle goose.

We offer 4 different types of hunting: depending on hunting areas, dates and goose species. We also offer duck hunting.

We offer great hunting grounds in the east coast of Iceland. The specific choice of location depends on weather conditions and the migration of birds, so the chase is determined just prior to your arrival. Hunting will be on the coastal plains and river valleys. Places are prepaired before arrival. See pictures.


5 days
2 hunting days

Estimated schedule for 5 days:
1 day Meeting at the airport, drive to hotel
2 day Moving to hunting place, hunting
3 day Hunting
4 day Hunting
5 day Return to the hotel, airport

from 20th of August
to 15th of March
In reality the season ends when the geese migrate to UK in late October.

In hunting houses, farms

Airplane to Reykjavik, then variouse: motor or air transport.

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We organize an unforgettable hunting and travelling tours in Iceland for you and for your family!