Hunting in Iceland

If you are looking for an unforgettable and unique hunting experience, you will find it in Iceland. We offer an exclusive hunting in Iceland, in the country of ice and fire.

Hunting in Iceland is planned carefully by experienced conductors. Licenses and weapons are drawn, the terrain was prepared and studied. If you choose geese hunting, the fields are ready for your arrival.

Weapons for hunting - you are allowed to bring semi-double-barreled weapon in the country. In Reykjavik, you can purchase ammunition for your weapons.

"Aurora Tours" offers you exclusive hunting for geese and ducks, hunting for sea birds and puffins, ptarmigan hunting, arctic foxes hunting, wild mink hunting, and of course reindeer hunting.

Hunting for mink along the river with professional dogs is unforgettable experience. Another the most exotic hunting is the hunting for ptarmigan.

There are over million birds in the Iceland!

Bring warm clothing: water and wind proof jacket, warm woolen goods and shoes, comfortable for walking. You can also purchase all hunting clothes and shoes in hunting shop in Reykjavik.

Accommodation in the best hotels on the day of arrival, as well as in hunting houses for hunting days. Private guides, and all tourist destinations in Iceland are available for you and your family during the trip. If you plan to spend time with your family, we offer a variety of tourist destinations and unique excursions during your stay: visiting natural hot springs, skiing on snowmobile and driving four-weel bikes, dive under the water and visit the caves extend for several hundred meters, water and air tours, fascinating maritime walk and observation of whales and dolphins.

Contact us for more information about our hunting tours in Iceland.

We organize an unforgettable tour for you and for your family with exclusive experience in hunting and traveling in Iceland!